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Our Event Policies

Conference Break Time

Conference, Workshop,
Event & Classroom Policies


All Policies and Terms of Registration are adopted in consideration of and in the best interest of event attendees, our volunteers and staff, event sponsors and the meeting host facilities (on-site and virtual). As a condition of registration, you agree to all of the terms and policies contained herein, as well as all other reasonable policies set forth by the management of Two Faces of Jane.


Code of Conduct

All Conference, event, and meeting guests, attendees, and exhibitors are subject to the Anti-harassment Policy and Code of Conduct. Event management reserves the right to take any and all appropriate actions to enforce the Anti-harassment Policy and Code of Conduct, up to and including ejecting from the Conference individuals who fail to comply with the policy.

Event Badges

Conference, meeting, class, and workshop attendees are reminded to wear their event badge (acquired at check-in) to access the location and amenities. However, for safety reasons, please remember to remove your badge when you are outside of the Two Faces of Jane events and facilities.



Two Faces of Jane is dedicated to providing ADA-compliant accommodations to people of all abilities whenever possible. Our Management Staff will assist attendees with reasonable accessibility accommodations to ensure a full experience for all. In order to plan effectively, we respectfully ask that individuals needing accommodations provide our management staff with advance notice and pertinent information during the registration process.

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Mime Artists
Theatre Accessibility

When attending a theatrical event, you may indicate your desire for a member of the Two Faces of Jane Staff to contact you directly to discuss your individual needs. Please note that the Cleveland location of the Truth of Mind Festival at MAD Factory Theatre in Lorain, Ohio is handicapped accessible. However, our location in the Kennedy Cabaret is NOT ADA compliant due to grandfathering the historic space. The theatre is down several stairs, and you must go upstairs to access the facilities; sometimes we have concessions available in the theatre, but that is dependent on vendor availability and any special seating for the shows being presented.


Event Cancellation

In the event that and event requiring a registration fee is cancelled, Conference attendees will be returned the registration fee only. You will be immediately notified of any cancellations via email and any refunds will be expeditiously processed by our contracted platform. This typically takes 3-5 business days. Any fees associated with cancellation of travel or housing reservations is the exclusive responsibility of Conference attendees.

Alcoholic Beverages

As an organization engaged in the fight against addiction, we do not typically make alcohol available at events, and under no circumstances can guests bring alcohol to our events from the outside. During the Trust of Mind Arts Festival each June/July, alcohol is available at Cleveland's Playhouse Square through the Concessions vendor. Any event participant who is deemed to be intoxicated, particularly if he/she/they exhibit aggressive or obnoxious behavior, will be asked to leave the event. Event participants are responsible for their own well-being and agree that neither Two Faces of Jane nor its sponsors will be held accountable for any events or occurrences resulting from excessive drinking, recklessness or negligence.

Photography / Video

The use of personal cameras or other photo devices is not permitted in any session rooms without express written permission from TFOJ management and, in the case of function guests, the express permission of said guests. Any offences will be promptly handled by management and may lead to film or storage devices being confiscated and possible expulsion from the conference or exhibit.

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Contracted Photographers / Videographers

If you are hired by TFOJ and/or given permission as an official photographer or videographer at a TFOJ event, you hereby grant Two Faces of Jane, Inc. an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, fully-paid up license to reproduce, copy, display, perform, or otherwise use any photos, videos or audio recordings taken of you by Management’s designated vendor(s) during TFOJ events, for promotional use (i.e. brochures, association publications, web-based media – blogs, websites, e-newsletters). You hereby release and hold harmless Two Faces of Jane, Inc. and its agents and assigns from all claims, demands, causes of action and liability related to said use of the material.


Recordings: Audio, Video or Digital Capture

For TFOJ copyright reasons, recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited without prior written consent of show management. Any presenter being recorded during sessions or at the conference must file a signed written consent form. Technical attendees of the conference may access online content for a limited time following the conference. Recording or audio/video capture of any kind during sessions or show floor activities by attendees is strictly prohibited. Any offences will be handled promptly and may lead to film or storage device confiscation as well as expulsion from the conference or exhibit. Access to TFOJ content is strictly limited to registered attendees of Optica events. However, sharing of content posted by show management on our own TFOJ or Truth of Mind websites or social media platforms is permitted.

Registration Substitution Policy

Replacement of a registered attendee by a friend, co-worker, or family member  will be accepted, but you must email ( or text or call (440-989- us to let us know. The new attendee must be named in the written notification by the original registrant. If the original registrant was registered as a member, the new member must also be a member or join before registering to receive the discounted rate.



For the comfort and health of all attendees, smoking is not permitted at any TFOJ events. This includes general sessions, concurrent sessions, workshops, luncheons, receptions, and in our offices. Attendees should adhere to any signage preventing or authorizing smoking in certain locations.

Theater Group
Underage Minors on Site

Registered attendees must request a badge for their minor children (excluding infants and toddlers) to access the conference, meeting, and class rooms, networking events and exhibition hall. Badges for minor children are free and available on-site at the Registration Desk. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and childcare is most often available during TFOJ events. Guardians are asked to help maintain a professional, disturbance-free environment.


Lost & Found Policy

Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, purses, coats, book bags, laptops, tablets or mobile devices, etc. should not be left unattended in meeting rooms or public areas. These items are the responsibility of their owner and TFOJ management will not be held responsible for their safe keeping should they become lost or stolen. Additionally, any unattended items may be subject to removal by security upon being discovered, and will be kept in our Lost and Found collection for a minimum of 60 days. If you lose a personal item, please call Tess at 440-949-9387 as soon as possible.

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