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  • Connect with others just like you

  • Ask questions

  • Get answers

  • Share knowledge

  • Tell your story

  • Build your network

Join our online forum, Caregiver Connections.

Connect, share, ask, and most importantly, know you are not alone.


Note: This is a monitored forum for adult caregivers with Rules of Engagement. Requests for membership are carefully reviewed before access is granted.

  • Share or just listen

  • Nonjudgemental emotional support 

  • A safe place where you can speak your mind

  • Learn from others who have been where you are now

  • Meet other parents with children your age, from 6 - 26+

  • Privacy protection

  • Facilitated by a the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

With complete privacy in a safe space, you can listen, learn, and share, ask for advice, and know that you are not alone.

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Just for Parents + Caregivers

We strive to provide you with helpful information as you cope with your child's illness. If you'd like to suggest a video topic, please contact us!

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