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Give Families Hope for a Better Future

​Your gift, no matter how large or small, makes a difference for our families.


Your online donation will help support our areas of greatest need.

  • A monthly donation is a great option!
    An automatic donation of just $10 a month soon adds up to $120 a year! (Be sure to select monthly at check and set the amount you want to give each month.

  • If you want your gift to go toward a specific program or in memorium for a loved one, you can indicate that at checkout.

Here's how your donation can make a signigicant difference for families:

  • A monthly donation is a great option!
    A donation of just $25 a month adds up to $300 a year!

Other ways your donation makes a difference:

  • $25 buys a book on Education Advocacy for a Family whose child needs school accommodations.

  • $35 provides a high school student with 8 classes in HeartMath(R) self-regulation techniques

  • $50 pays for a 60-minute family peer support session for a family whose child is struggling with mental health or addiction issues.

  • $100 helps a family in need pay for their child's medication.

  • $1,000 provides a classroom of 30 teens with HeartMath(R) Resilience and Self-Regulation Training.

  • $1,500 provides 40 school teachers with HeartMath(R) Resilience Training.

The Annual Fund


Caring for a child with mental illness is a difficult journey that often continues well into a child's adult life. That journey, driven by love, is devastating emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually for the parents.

Caregivers often find themselves having to choose between paying for their child's medications and paying their mortgage or utility bills. No parent should ever have to make that choice, and that's why we started the Caregiver Emergency Fund. We offer indirect financial help to parents who qualify. Money is never given directly to a parent; instead, we pay their bills for them.

Right now, we need your help to create this resource for parents. Once we reach critical mass, we will begin taking applications and interviewing parents in need.

Caregiver Emergency Fund

Caregiver Emergency Fund
Truth of Mind Theatre Festival

Two Faces of Jane is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all membership donations are tax-deductible
to the extent allowed by law. Be sure to ask your accountant or financial planner what that means for you.

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